It is a requirement that all Policed alarms have to have at least 2 Keyholders or a 24hr keyholding service to give the Police access to the premises in the event of an alarm activation


In the unfortunate event of a break-in, Central Southern Security will provide the following services:


  • Following receipt of an alarm activation by your alarm monitoring company, an Alarm Engineer will be dispatched to your premises.
  • If there is any evidence of a forced entry we will inform both the Police (if not already aware) and yourselves.
  • We will also arrange for necessary repairs to be carried out until they are secure and the alarm has been remotely reset.
  • A detailed report of the action taken will be left for your information.

No matter how new or sophisticated the alarm system, false alarm activations remain a fact of life, with only 10% of alarm activations caused by an actual or attempted break-in.


Please note that we are are not Security Guards, but are Alarm Engineers predominately involved in ensuring the alarm is in a fully operational state.