Fire Alarm Services

Fire Alarm systems can easily be forgotten about until after the event. All public or privately owned buildings have a legal requirement for a minimum level of protection.


We at Central Southern Security can make sure you have necessary level of protection to fulfil these requirements, all at a reasonable cost.


We can offer a full range of fire alarm systems from simple wired panels to highly sophisticated addressable systems including the latest wireless systems.


We use industry standard components and open protocol systems. We work to appropiate British Standards so can offer advice to our customers as to what is required to make a system compliant.


We then offer an ongoing maintenance plan to suit the system installed.

Fire Risk Assessment


We start with a Fire Risk Assessment, consisting of a comprehensive assessment of site.


Based on these results, we can then design, install or repair as necessary to ensure new and existing buildings comply with Fire Regulations and maintain structural fire integrity.

Surveys and Quotations


Working on a fire alarmSurveys and quotations are normally carried out free of charge and quotations prepared accordingly.


We work with a range of manufacturers and are happy to take over the maintenance and testing of both new and existing installations.

HYFIRE Wireless Fire Detection & Alarm Equipment

hyfire wireless fire detection

The Hyfire wireless fire system is market leading, in both its depth of the product range and the technology of its components. Designed and built around the latest standards ensures the system provides the same high levels of reliability and life safety provided by a wired system, alongside the superior flexibility of wireless technology.


The wireless elements can be used on their own to build wholly wireless systems of virtually any size and complexity or mixed with the Hyfire wired products to provide seamless hybrid solutions which are both highly competitive and extremely flexible.

GENT Wireless Analogue Addressable (single loop)

Gent Wireless Analogue Addressable

Nano is the latest fire detection control panel from Gent by Honeywell. Ideal for smaller sites that require advanced fire sensing and evacuation options, the single loop, analogue addressable panel offers end users a compact system backed by the power of Vigilon loop technology. Certified to EN 54 parts 2 & 4 the standard panel is self contained with batteries to maintain 24-hour standby.


Providing far greater fire detection capabilities than most small systems, Nano is compatible with Gent by Honeywell’s range of multi-function, loop-powered devices, which reduce system complexity and cost.

Nano has been designed with significant input from System Integrators, making it one of the most efficient, intuitive and easy-to-install systems available. The system offers a cause and effect, which along with an intuitive windows programming tool can be configured on or offline.