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With our partner firm BBS Security, we install and maintain a wide variety of Closed circuit television equipment.


This ranges from a simple system to view the outside of a domestic premises to large commercial applications with over 200 cameras, digital recording to computer hard drives and viewing via a computer network or over the internet.



CCTV Systems

Central Southern Security are professional CCTV installers. We install the very latest in security camera systems throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Devon, Surrey, Wiltshire & Somerset.


As professional CCTV installers with an excellent client list, we specialise in the design & installation of easy to use CCTV camera systems.


All of our CCTV systems use only quality, high resolution cameras resulting in a great picture quality and ease of use which is why we offer a free on-site demonstration showing actual footage of sites we have previously installed CCTV systems


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CCTV Installers

Quality Digital Video Recorders from 4 cameras to 32 cameras

Our main product is the Alnet NetHybrid. This Advanced System for video recording Network Cameras (up to 16) and Analog Cameras (from 4 up to 32).


This makes it possible to have 32 cameras on one system. The System is based on the highly reliable VDR-S application used in PC Based DVR’s by Alnet Systems Company. Thanks to this, the system has achieved guaranteed stability and functionality.


The basis for NetHybrid, VDR-S application, has been working reliably for nearly 7 years on more than 35,000 installations worldwide, which proves its quality. The system has many features. Download a brouchure here

Alnet Hybrid
  • Very easy to playback footage - far superior to most systems
  • Up to 32 cameras on a system
  • Both Analogue & Network cameras
  • 25,50,100,200,400,800 FPS for displaying and recording
  • High resolution CIF,2CIF,4CIF,D1,HDTV(IP)
  • DJPEG,MPEG4,JPEG,H.264 compression
  • Advanced motion detection
  • PTZ dome control by mouse,joystick or keyboard
  • Programmable alarm inputs and switches
  • Advanced archive browser
  • Watermark
  • Audio up to 32 channels
  • Email & SMS notification
  • Client application for Win XP,Vista,Win 7, & mobiles
  • Large and small case types available

Very long recording times can now be achieved, normally at least 30 days and often far more with up to 12 Tb hard disc storage on-board. This can be configured as RAID for extra security of data.


Recording can be continuous, scheduled or by motion detection. Events can be backed to DVD using the built in DVD Writer or exported to a Windows Media file (AVI file).

Remote Viewing by remotely using CMS Client

CMS client application for Windows OS is extremely advanced and multi-functional tool designed for remote video surveillance.


Unlimited number of remote clients can be connected to each VDRS/NetStation server. This solution makes monitoring of many different objects easier.


Each CMS application can display images from up to 64 cameras at a time, and every camera can be from different place. Video images can be recorded also on client side which effectively prevents archives from destruction.


CMS client is able to remotely operate up to 64 PTZ cameras. Control can be done by keyboard, special graphic panel, joystick or mouse cursor.

Remote Viewing CCTV

Remote viewing on an iPhone or Blackberry (and other mobiles)

Remote View CCTV on Mobile

The Alnet CMS mobile software is available for most PDA phones including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, PDA phone and Blackberry phones.


CMS mobile provides the best quality remote viewing, live video, control of PTZ cameras, playback of video, control of digital inputs and outputs and even remote playback of video from your Alnet DVR or NVR camera servers.

Cameras we install...


As a quality CCTV installer, we use only high quality CCTV cameras from Samsung Techwin and Dynamic (all Dynamic cameras are built for them to very high specification).


These cameras are always high resolution , designed to work in very low light or use Infrared lighting. Most of our cameras come with a 3 year warranty.


Please contact us for more information on our CCTV systems