Alarm Installation and Maintenance in Hampshire and Southern England


We install intruder alarms in a wide variety of applications ranging from a simple audible only domestic alarm with a few detectors to large High security commercial premises with 500 detectors and fully confirmed signalling paths.



24 Hour Service Contract

We offer a 24hr service to contract customers with a maximum of a 4hr response to emergencies. We also offer comprehensive contracts to cover any break down of the alarm equipment and all call out charges relating to break downs.


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24 Hour Service

24 Hour Service Contract


A Wide Range of Devices

A wide range of detection devices can be fitted to the alarms some of which are listed below:


  • Smoke/heat detectors
  • Personal Attack buttons
  • Motion Detectors
  • Glass Break detectors
  • Vibration Detectors
  • Safe Limpets
  • Wireless radio links
  • Magnetic contacts



The alarm can be Local Audible only alarms which have 108dB Self Activating Bell with built in strobe and flashing LEDs or we provide a number of remote signalling options.


The most basic is not considered remote signalling for insurance purposes as it dials 3 pre-programmed numbers which can be landlines or mobiles however they are not allowed to call the emergency services. There is also an option to send a text message to a mobile phone in the event of an alarm activation.


Texecom and Siemens Control Panels are installed assuring a high standard of reliability


Systems with a remote link to an Alarm Monitoring Station will signal via RedCare, Digital Communicator, DualCom or Redcare GSM



Remote Signalling Alarms


True remote signalling options are listed below:


Digital Communicator - dials up similar to a fax signal transmits signals to Monitoring Station


Redcare - Monitors the line 24hrs a day, transmits signals using line - no additional call charges


Redcare GSM - As above but will send all signals via the mobile network if the land line is cut or out of order


Dual COM - As above but uses the Mobile network as the primary signalling path


We can also connect separate Fire alarm panels into our monitoring equipment to facilitate calling the fire brigade in the event of an activation. This will be dependent on the features available on the Fire and alarm panels.


Custom Alarm Actions


We can connect a range of devices to the outputs on the alarm panels to trigger in the event of an alarm. This can range from turning on the outside lights to triggering a smoke screen to inject smoke into the room to limit theft by intruders




Approved and Accredited Alarm Installers


As a NSI NACOSS Gold approved and Quality Accredited Company We install and maintain all types of Intruder Alarms. This also includes takeovers and upgrades of existing systems installed by other companies.